Fooling Around at Shakespeare’s Schoolroom & Guildhall

William Shakespeare's own imagination will be brought to life by the children and families that join Escape Arts when they create a huge jolly jester as part of a free workshop at Shakespeare's Schoolroom & Guildhall on Friday 4 August.

Taking inspiration from the comic characters in Shakespeare's plays, such as Puck, Falstaff and Dogberry and the "'Wee Three Loggerheads" painting (artist unknown) Shakespeare's Schoolroom & Guildhall and Escape Arts are inviting children to work with artists Ali Allen and Ros Ingram to produce their own interpretation of a jolly jester.

Sarah Jervis Hill from Shakespeare's Schoolroom & Guildhall, says, "This is going to be a tremendously fun day. Children can work with the artists from Escape Arts, but ultimately it is down to them and their creativity as to exactly what our jolly jester will look like, and indeed how jolly he is!"

In addition to constructing a sculpture from recycled materials children will have the chance to create their own mini jolly jesters to take home. The activity will take place in the Master's Chamber with all of the materials provided.

Thank you to the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund the workshop is FREE and all participants will also receive FREE entry into Shakespeare's Schoolroom & Guildhall. The workshop will run as a drop in session from 10am to 4:30pm on Friday 4 August.

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Shakespeare’s Schoolroom & Guildhall
28th July, 2017