Shakespeare’s School Today

King Edward VI School (K.E.S.) is recognised as one of the finest schools in the country today, named State Secondary School of the Decade by the Sunday Times in November 2020.

It has a long and distinguished history, a reputation for high academic standards, and an outstanding extracurricular programme.

K.E.S. is a forward-looking school which cherishes its traditions. Traditional subjects like Latin, humanities and the arts are taught alongside Mandarin and the latest developments in science, computing and technology. Lessons still take place in the Guildhall, more than 400 years after William Shakespeare studied there. As you would expect at Shakespeare's School, drama is so good that it receives international acclaim.

But there have also been significant changes at the School in recent years. The first female students joined the Sixth Form in 2013, and the first Head Girl was elected in 2017.

The Trustees of K.E.S. led the project to restore Shakespeare's Schoolroom & Guildhall and open it to the public. It has ensured that the Guildhall's rich history will be shared with local people, as well as with national and international visitors. It has also ensured that the Guildhall will continue to be used for teaching, just as it has been for more than 450 years.