Birds of Shakespeare in Flight at Shakespeare's Schoolroom & Guildhall

Shakespeare's birds at the Schoolroom

Did you know that Shakespeare featured more than 60 birds in his work? These feathered friends are the theme of our Family Friendly craft activity this summer.

Let your creativity take flight by decorating one of the birds that Shakespeare wrote about in his plays and poetry.  Swallows, starlings and sparrows are just some of the bird creations swooping in to inspire visitors, who can either fly their bird away with them or add it to the colourful menagerie that will be created in the space. 

Our summer craft activity is available daily from 22 July to 31 August.  Kits are £2 and can be purchased at the information desk or when you book your tickets here

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Shakespeare’s Schoolroom & Guildhall
19th July, 2023

In all it is believed that over 60 different species of birds are featured within his work; including Britain’s most endangered bird, the turtle dove.  In Two Gentlemen of Verona when Speed says that he can tell that Valentine is in love because he sings love songs like a robin; “to relish a love song like a robin redbreast.”  In A Midsummer Night’s Dream Bottom sings about a blackbird to keep up his courage as he walks through the enchanted forest.  And we can all relate to the ‘chatt’ring pies in dismal discords” referenced in Henry VI, Part 3.